Mr Alboh, or Alberto Mussi, actor, singer-songwriter, composer of songs for TV/Movies, since years he lives all around Europe, divided between Milan, Munich and Berlin, he won a competition against Cat Stevens and signed the soundtracks of the successful film “Ostfriesisch für Anfänger”, 3 albums, an average of 150 gigs per years, sharing the stage and festivals with artists such as Stu Larsen, Ida Gard (supporter of Bob Dylan), Max Gazze, Vinicio Capossela, he won the auditions of X Factor and took part at the TV show until the boothcamp (24 people on 68000), we are going to see him on the role of himself on the TV serie “Parenthood” (“Tutto può succedere” on RAI1). His heart is soaked of American Folk influenced by the finest indie-pop from Berlin, his songs tells stories of life, people and journeys.

“Mr Alboh creates by himself the strength of a band” Il Corriere della Sera



Mr Alboh is a film score composer, singer-songwriter and actor based in Milan, Munich and Berlin.
Years ago he quitted his job in a bank to pursue his music career. Following this way of life he lived and played all around Europe: France, Italy, Germany…busking for countless days, opening acts for artist such as Ida Gard (supporting Bob Dylan, I-Tunes charts Top 10), and playing in cafes, clubs and theaters. Inspired by this experience he released his debut album, called “Handmade”, a blend of freak-folk and blues, which sold over thousands of copies and got positive reviews. “Rivers and perfumed heathland awakened his folk-soul spirit” by CTRL magazine.

Little by little increasing numbers of listeners started to follow him and support his career, this lead him to play at several international festivals, such as the “MEI Festival”, “Home Festival”, “Ferrara Buskers Festival”,”A Night like This Festival”, “Utcazene Festival” “Kulturufer festival” and playing in some amazing venues, for instance, the “Palalottomatica” (7000people) in Rome,”Pala Geox”, “Milla” in Munich and “Le Scimmie” in Milan, Filodrammatici Theater.

He got on radio and tv several times (Sky, Radio Globale,Radio InBlu, Radio Bruno, Macrophone FM..) blogs started to buzz and newspapers too (Il Corriere della Sera, Literatortura,Seesound )he ended up on magazine with name such as Elvis Costello, Francesco De Gregori, Vinicio Capossela.

In November 2014 he has produced his second album “Before The Moon Touches The Ground”, home recorded with a symphony of small instruments and acoustic guitars. This album is the message that he brings around the world: “Our time is limited, we must be courageous and pursue our passions”. Those who like artists such as Ben Howard, Passenger and Damien Rice will love Mr Alboh.

In 2015 he took part at the TV program X Factor, reaching the bootcamp (the last 24 people per group on 68.000 applicants)

Recently he stared a new theatrical project “A Journey with Mr Alboh” which sold out the Filodrammatici Theatre, a blend of music, storytelling, dance and visual art, a show that makes you smile and think on the meaning of dreams.

Right now he just released his new album “Black and White” and he’on a European Tour to present it: Milan, Prague, Berlin, Copenaghen, Amsterdam, Florence,Zurich and so on, check out on “Live” for his upcoming shows.

Moreover for each album he got songs featured in movie and tv productions. For instance he won a competition with artists such as Cat Stevens and signed for the soundtrack of the movie “Ostfriesisch für Anfänger” out in Germany, Swiss and Austria.

In 2017 he signed two soundtracks for the TV serie “Tutto puo succedere” on RAI1 and he signed as actor in the role of himself.

“Artist of the Month” by “Handmade Musicrecords” (Jan 2015)

“Finalist” Pistoia Blues Festival (June 2016)

“Semifinalist” Pistoia Blues Festival (June 2015)

“Mr Alboh creates by himself the strength of a band” by Il Corriere della Sera

“We were thrilled by the atmosphere he creates with his songs. His voice has a very unique sound and you can hardly stop listening when he tells his stories on stage.” By Handmade Musicrecords

“He aroused in me a feeling of wanting to enjoy every second, I was carried away by his songs” by Larissa Mota Calixto ( on LiteraTortura, the biggest blog on literature of Brasil)